“It is crucial that we learn from the younger generation. The future development in refractory technology will be shaped by both new technologies and innovative working methods.”

General Manager Refratechnik Zibo

Since taking on the role of General Manager at Refratechnik in Zibo, China, in 2008, Zhongting has transformed the plant into a center of excellence through visionary leadership and a commitment to innovation. Under his guidance, the plant has not only achieved technological advancements but also successfully attracted young, talented professionals seeking a dynamic and future-oriented work environment.

In the early days, there were communication challenges with team members from different parts of the world, but today we have built a strong family-like corporate culture where everyone is valued and contributes to the shared vision.

Zhongting emphasizes that the Zibo plant is not just a production site but a place where cultural diversity and teamwork are fostered. He has created an environment where innovation thrives and employees are motivated to deliver their best performance for our customers. This has made the plant a key player in Refratechnik’s global strategy.

Under Zhongting’s leadership, the Refratechnik plant in Zibo has expanded its manufacturing capacities, producing 40,000 tons of high-quality chrome-free refractory bricks annually, as well as 15,000 tons of special refractory concretes on an additional modern production line. Zhongting has significantly contributed to expanding production and optimizing processes.

With his team, he has built close customer relationships, with our industrial partners in China appreciating our combination of expertise and geographical proximity. As with all Refratechnik locations worldwide, Zibo focuses on sustainable production methods, a priority for Zhongting and his future team.

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