„It’s not enough, if everything runs well today, because with interdisciplinary cooperation we must create optimum preconditions for tomorrow – that is ‘Expect the best’, and we live it.“

Dr. Diana Fähsing,
works manager at Refratechnik’s Plant in Göttingen

Good connections, transparency, and mutual learning result in added value for everyone. That is the motto according to which Dr. Diana Fähsing, works manager of Refratechnik’s Plant in Göttingen, acts and leads. For us, she is a central figure for integration, where all threads merge and are handled professionally.

Her career started in July 2018 with her employment as process engineer. Before that, Dr. Fähsing worked in a materials science center and was mainly involved in research. But with us, she has found her calling.

My daily work starts with a morning walk through the plant, where I get a personal impression about efficiency, and see new challenges.

One of Dr. Fähsing’s main concerns is the plant’s viable organization in future. Hereby, she attaches great importance to meet employee needs and simultaneously fulfilling customer demand in every way. In close cooperation with our other sites worldwide, she ensures that our plant is always in line with the state-of-the art, and that the newest findings from other sites are implemented. In this way, Dr. Fähsing pushes on-site optimization and automation in Göttingen in a continuous process.

The guiding principle of Refratechnik’s “Expect the best” is implemented by Dr. Fähsing and her team in every respect. Quality and customer service have top priority in her work, while at the same time, further education and training of employees is extremely important. Because only well-trained employees can fulfill the high quality demands from customers. Under her responsibility, smooth and efficient procedures as well as working and production processes have been introduced according to the latest standards for utmost product quality and safety of our refractory solutions.

Apart from her daily routine as works manager, Dr. Fähsing also has the overall picture and Refratechnik’s future in her sights. For her, our company is a responsible employer, who invests lastingly in the further development and qualification of employees. With this conviction, Dr. Fähsing positions us as an attractive employed brand in order to win up-and-coming talent. Hereby, she keeps on asking herself what young people enjoy, and how she can make working for Refratechnik appealing and future-oriented. And we can say: She does it successfully!

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