„At first, I thought that industrial administration and refractory technology is nothing special, but now I can hardly imagine anything more exciting and many-sided.“

industrial administration trainee at Refratechnik

Lea is a real asset for us, and shows how important it is to train young people. For us, training has always meant that we accept a long-term responsibility to qualify competent personnel and also keep them with us. Because for us, people make the difference and are our future. Lea is the best example for that.

At the beginning, she didn’t have a clue what Refratechnik actually does. But our trainees and employees are our best multipliers: Thanks to some friends, who already work for us, Lea’s interest was roused. She got to know us, and started her training.

I am now getting to know the entire company and can then decide in which department I would like to work later.

For our Employer Branding, the promotion and training of young talent is one of the most important factors. And thereby, we take great efforts to ensure that all trainees are able to develop their individual strengths and interests. That is why Lea is getting to know all the departments in Refratechnik: From human resources through sales, purchasing, and finance up to production. In this way, she not only acquires a feeling for our company, but is also able to find out what inspires her most, and where her future lies.

Meanwhile, Lea is infecting her friends with her enthusiasm for Refratechnik and for the world of refractory technology. Lea’s story shows that it is worthwhile to invest in the training of young talent. Because we simultaneously concentrate on our customers’ needs, and continuously promote our employees, we ensure the successful future of Refratechnik.

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