„Whether loaders, dump trucks or excavators, I love working with the big machines in our mine.“

machine operator with QMAG

For anyone who wants to get big things moving like Graeme, Refratechnik is the perfect place. Graeme works for QMAG Queensland Magnesia in Australia, which is part of the Refratechnik Group. QMAG mines, processes, and supplies magnesia products as raw material for our refractory products, and also for many other industries.

QMAG is like a family for Graeme. He has been there for 32 years, which makes him the longest serving employee. But thanks to the lively team, he has remained young.

For Graeme, who lived on an island for several years, nature is important. He appreciates QMAG’s sustainable orientation. Because QMAG places great importance on employees who think and act sustainably – that’s what makes the difference in the company’s innovative culture. We encourage our employees to think outside the box and contribute towards sustainable solutions that will make a real difference.

Working here simply feels good and right. Also after such a long time there is no boring routine. Every day is fun.

The togetherness at QMAG is very important for Graeme. All employees meet at eye-level. Everyone is heard, regardless of their position. Management is open, and accepts ideas and suggestions from all employees. This open atmosphere is a significant reason why Graeme feels good at QMAG.

What’s more, the work-life balance is rated very highly. Flexible working hours, team spirit, joint events, and mutual respect are part of our company philosophy. For QMAG, the focus is on the promotion of every individual. The aim is to enable employees to make maximum use of their potentials, and thereby providing excellent work for our customers.

As leading producer of magnesia products, QMAG has access to one of the largest deposits of cryptocrystalline magnesite in the world. With a focus on sustainability, the company supplies basic materials that are essential for our refractory products, which in turn provide economical solutions for the high-temperature processes in the iron & steel, cement, glass, and ceramics industries.

For Graeme Dredge, QMAG is the company in which he can live out his passion for large machines, and simultaneously make a valuable contribution for sustainable developments in these fields.

at Refratechnik


& Ralf